Our Amazing Team

We have an amazing team of teachers.  All of our yoga teachers have studied in the TAYS method but each brings in their own personality, experience, education, and background. You can scan the list below to find out more about each of us. If you find a teacher that you would like to study with, you can view that teacher's schedule at the bottom of their biography.



Abra Morrison

Born in Prince Edward Island, Abra began dancing at the age of 3. After graduating from high school, she continued her dance training at Grant McEwen College in Edmonton, Alberta for two years then went on to finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary dance at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. For the seven years, Abra has taught contemporary, classical and creative dance at DansEncorps as well as danced with the company.

After more than 10 years of practicing yoga, Abra had the opportunity to complete her 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at T.A.Y.S. (Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is now extremely excited to be continuing her education with the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training through T.A.Y.S. She has taught at multiple studios in the Maritimes over the years. Abra's classes have a strong focus on alignment, breath and maximizing potential.


Amy Fredericks

Amy started attending yoga classes at Dalhousie University during her first year of undergrad in 2004. She immediately found the practice very beneficial for her whole health and continued practicing regularly. After many years of personal practice, and seeing how valuable yoga was for her overall wellness, she decided that she wanted to share the practice with others by becoming a yoga teacher.
Amy is a TAYS Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher and has completed TAYS certificate training in Yin and Restorative and Prenatal and Postpartum yoga. She hopes to continue learning and growing as a yoga teacher in the years to come.



Andrea Andriopoulos

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 10 years, and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.

In 2000, I went to see my doctor for chronic lower back pain.  My doctor said, “you can either take pills to help with the pain or start yoga.”  I left her office and went directly to TAYS, grabbed a schedule and have never looked back.

I completed my 200-hour training with TAYS and am currently working on my 500-hour teacher training with TAYS. I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me. 


Clare Leger

Sometimes coming to the mat is the only time a person may have to really tune into themselves in the course of a day or week. Cléo recognizes the need to get connected in, to oneself and others. She offers accessible, heartfelt classes that promote curiosity and play. Her intentional sequences will leave you empowered and balanced for life on and off the mat. Claire has been practicing yoga for over twelve years and was drawn to the way the practice links breath, movement, and the mind. It has been a foundational part of her life since then and has given her a deep respect for the power of compassion. Her classes are joyful, reflective, and uplifting!

Claire completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at TAYS in 2012 and has been teaching at studios throughout Halifax since 2013. She teaches many styles, including beginner hatha, vinyasa flow, and yin, and is also pre-natal/post-natal certified. She has significant experience teaching chair yoga for seniors and those with mobility issues. She is the creator of a successful girls yoga program called Good Vibes Girls in partnership with Halifax Public Libraries.

One of her passions is teaching yoga for singers and performers, and she has led classes workshops with a number of local and national choral ensembles, at Acadia University, and for several years at the Nova Scotia Choral Federation’s Adult Choir Camp. She has led presentations on the benefits of yoga at Podium 2014, Canada’s national choral conference, and at the Atlantic Provincial Libraries Association 2018 conference. 


Cléo Burke

Sometimes coming to the mat is the only time a person may have to really tune into themselves in the course of a day or week. Cléo recognizes the need to get connected in, to oneself and others. She offers accessible, heartfelt classes that promote curiosity and play. Her intentional sequences will leave you empowered and balanced for life on and off the mat.
Cléo is a TAYS-trained 500Hr teacher, a TAYS teacher educator, and psychotherapist. She brings classical elements of yoga into
hercounseling practice. She is also trained in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with leading experts Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dave Emerson of the Justice Research Institute.


Cathy Grad

Cathy has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a personal trainer, pilates and yoga teacher. She has recently started her 500hr teacher training with TAYS and enjoys learning and applying the knowledge to her own practice and to benefit her clients. She was a level 3 trainer working for GoodLife and used her yoga and pilates skills to ensure clients had safe and effective workouts and learned to be more body aware. Cathy is a certified prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher.



Dianne Graves

Dianne it seems has been on a meditative path from birth.  She preferred to sit in "time out" because it was quiet and she could close her eyes.   A natural meditator it is her nature to go inward so she is grateful for the opportunity to teach Yoga and make connections she would otherwise miss. 

Dianne believes Yoga is a lifestyle that allows you to know and observe yourself.  Yoga poses will never look the same for two different people because no two people share the same life experiences.  Simply do your best and you will benefit and learn a great deal about yourself.  Dianne instructs with compassion and curiosity.

Dianne completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in June 2012 at The Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio (TAYS) and has achieved her 500-hour advanced certification in 2015.  

Also to her merit, Dianne has her Reiki first and second-degree attunement in the Usui System of Natural Healing since October 2010.  She achieved her Pranassage Practitioner certificate in July 2017 and is currently studying towards her Zero Balancing Health Practitioner Certification. 


Helen Fong

Helen is an award-winning Certified Yoga Teacher who calls Halifax her home. She is a Dalhousie University Alumnus and has been teaching yoga since 2006. She has played an instrumental role in many cancer patient care and support projects, guest demos at live health & wellness shows and is a regular guest on Eastlink TV's 'The Path of Yoga' television series. She is a certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher (TAYS) and is now a Certified Yin Yoga teacher. 



Jolene d'Entremont

Jolene can see your inner light and goodness simply by her presence. She is passionate and connected while teaching a range of styles; from power, vinyasa, post/prenatal, YogaBody Bootcamp™ and Yin Yoga. She often travels with her very popular YOGABirth workshop.  Jolene is an E-RYT 500. 




Katherine Dorey

Katherine began her yoga journey in 2011 by attending her first yoga class at Saint Mary’s University. Over the past 8 years, her practice has been essential for helping manage anxiety and chronic pain. Katherine truly believes in the physical and physiological benefits of yoga that can be found by moving the body with breath and taking time to listen to our bodies.

Katherine is a 200hr, TAYS trained, Certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. After signing up for teacher training to improve her own practice, she fell in love with teaching and hopes to help others find the joy and benefits of practising yoga. Katherine is excited to continue learning and growing both as a yoga teacher and student and plans to continue her training at the 500hr level in the near future.



Kerry McInnes

Kerry is a yoga teacher and student of Physiotherapy at Dalhousie. Kerry strongly believes in the inseparability of mind and body, otherwise known as the mind-body connection. She believes that a movement practice is a beautiful place to explore this fascinating connection. In her teaching, she encourages her students to develop awareness and curiosity of their bodies. She teaches her students to watch and listen to the way their minds and bodies experience and react to both movement and stillness. Kerry also believes that movement is a powerful tool for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and overall wellness. She looks forward to incorporating these beliefs into her future physiotherapy practice (Dalhousie 2021).
When Kerry is not learning about the body or teaching yoga, she spends her time cooking, knitting socks, and walking all around Halifax in barefoot shoes with her husband and two greyhounds.


Laura Keigan

Laura Keigan became a certified yoga instructor in 2014 where she graduated from Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio with a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. She teaches Hatha Vinyasa style yoga, and is comfortable instructing all levels of experience. Laura focuses on proper alignment, modifications, and props, alongside pairing movement with breath to create a class in which any student can participate, have fun, learn, and connect.

Laura is also a Registered Massage Therapist, and graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2017. She focuses her massage therapy practice on TMJD and pre and post natal massage, but also treats a range of postural issues and musculoskeletal ailments.

Laura is a student focused, safety focused yoga instructor with a passion for helping to promote health and wellness. She teaches Hatha Basics on Tuesday, 11am at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio.  



Leslie Bishop

Leslie has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years and with an ERYT-500 designation spends her time teaching others interested in the practice and lifestyle of the 8 Limbs of yoga.  Certified as a yoga teacher trainer and yoga life coach, Leslie leads exhilarating and unscripted Vinyasa yoga classes that are both challenging and heart pumping, while staying true to the ease and grace of the inner intention of the practice. 

As a relationship coach and facilitator, Leslie uses the Yogic philosophy of Ahimsa (non-violence) to help individuals and couples to investigate habitual patterns in relationship behavior. Known for her passionate and enthusiastic pulse, Leslie shifts the paradigm of our traditional approach to a relationship from a “power against” strategy to a “power with” blueprint.
Leslie holds a private practice in Halifax, N.S. and leads retreats for those looking to reclaim curiosity, connection and passion inwardly through physical movement while taking a deeper look at the wisdom of emotional intelligence for the purpose of outward connection. 


Maureen Nowlan

A lifelong yoga practitioner, Maureen began teaching at TAYS during the first Yoga Teacher training in 1991 and has been at teaching yoga at TAYS ever since. Her most recent training programs have been for people with cancer, Yin yoga and designing sequences. Her inspiration for teaching is rooted in her longstanding meditation and yoga practices and through her students over the years. Maureen also takes annual trips to Kripalu Yoga Institute in Massachusetts for ongoing direction and ideas. Currently, she is conducting a 10-year descriptive research study. She is examining "How a yoga teacher's practice informs his/her teaching?". She is obtaining information through interviews with Yoga teachers and Yoga students. Maureen is an avid gardener, sometimes poet and she also is a weaver.


Maxine Jeffrey

Maxine, co-owner of Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio has been teaching yoga since 1997. She is a Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor at the Professional level (500+ hours). Maxine has degrees in Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy (honours) and is currently an Osteopathy Thesis Candidate after successfully completing all 5 years of study with the Montréal College of Osteopathy. She is seeing patients for osteopathy techniques in the Therapeutic Approach Health Centre. Her patients pay "out of pocket" as she is not yet covered thru extended health care insurance. Her rate for a 50-minute session is $80 (tax included).

Maxine is our most senior teacher and is the co-director of our 200-hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. Maxine loves teaching yoga. Her enthusiasm and passion are apparent in each class that she offers. Maxine, the studio manager, teaches Hatha Basics, All Levels and Gentle classes on Mondays thru Fridays during the daytime hours.


Mike Munro

Michael Munro Co-owner of TAYS has been offering yoga since 1997. He is a Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor at the Professional level (500 hours) and he is a licensed and practicing physiotherapist credentialled in the McKenzie MDT method. His yoga studies, which started in 1993, involve Iyengar, Interdisciplinary, and Ashtanga. He strives to incorporate yoga, physiotherapy background and meditation knowledge to promote a balanced approach to active wellness. Mike offers Physiotherapy through our Health Center, teaches Hatha Vinyasa yoga through TAYS. Mike is the co-director of our 200-hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs. He is currently studying osteopathy with the Halifax branch of the Canadian College of Osteopathy.



Sandy Lund

Sandy is thrilled to be back teaching at TAYS where she began her own personal yoga journey in 2001. She will never forget the lightness and joy she felt as she walked out onto Quinpool Road after receiving her first yoga class. With the intention of understanding this ancient discipline and mindful living, Sandy graduated in 2009 with her 200hr certification in Ashtanga tradition and went on to find her passion in Restorative Yoga and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. She loves the accessibility of these practices and their healing, transformative power. “Research shows that the relaxation experienced during a regular practice over several months generalizes to the rest of the day. This is extraordinary! This means that the more we practice Yoga Nidra or restorative yoga the deeper the relaxation response and the more it becomes the ground of who we are in our everyday life.”
A former educator of 10 years, actor, dancer and a strong advocate for the voice of young people, Sandy feels at home holding sacred space for her yoga students.


Stephanie Olive

Stephanie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and found peace within her body and mind through the growth of asana into day-to-day living.  Falling in love with yoga, she completed her 200-hour training and a 50-hour Yin Yoga training with Shanti Yoga in 2016 and 2017 and is currently completing her 500-hour with TAYS!   With Stephanie, you will find fun, dynamic classes that are alignment-based and accessible to all.  Living with autoimmune disorders, such as multiple chemical sensitivity, Stephanie seeks to create a safe space for those living with medical issues that may create limitations of the mind and body.