Coming Into "Lived Experience"

Mike Munro's picture

Yoga is actually kind of boring and I like that. When you take the time to let go of externals and focus on the experience of the body you are coming into the timeless present moment. This seems like a boring thing to do in a way. Stop, breathe, focus on your experience, which could be more mental than physical at first. But gradually the body which exists in the present comes into focus. My teacher Don Stapleton calls this body time. The body alway exists in the now, and the mind needs some help getting there. But the now is where lived experience occurs.

The body is the perfect vehicle for getting our minds into this present lived experience. Whenever you breathe, feel you body whether its moving or still or in a yoga pose or not in a yoga pose, you are connecting with the earth. Our bodies are in one way the result of consuming the earth, the atmosphere and the elements. It's nice to think of yourself as separate but even just in the physical sense alone, the body is connected to the earth. Gravity is pulling us onto the ground. The earth is spinning around the sun. The sun swirls around in a galaxy in a limitless universe. The only time you can experince your connection to everything is now, and through the body in a simple and direct way. This doesn't happen yesterday or tomorrow and it helps you transcend a sense of disconnection.

So hatha yoga can put you in touch with the present moment and  our connection with the earth and the whole universe really. This is something we live moment to moment, right now.