All About Seniors YTT with Jean Short!

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People aged 65 and older are both the fastest growing and largest age group in Canada.  Yoga draws more and more interest and participation from those aged 65+ as the benefits to health and the performance of activities of daily living are recognized.  People ages 65+ most often come to our yoga classes with multiple health issues, so it is imperative that yoga instructors working with this population learn how to teach with safety and confidence.

This 13 hour workshop in ‘Yoga for Seniors’ is designed for those who have obtained a minimum 200-hour yoga certification program or a licensed health professional who has an interest in the benefits of yoga for seniors.

‘Yoga for Seniors’ teacher training blends the latest on evidence based medicine with the wisdom of yoga.  Jean has been teaching yoga to Seniors since 1995 and strives to allow everyone to be able to benefit from a yoga class, even those who are not able to stand, or get down on the floor.  This training was developed after attending Duke University’s 8 day Integrative Yoga for Seniors Professional Training in North Carolina, USA.

What will I learn in this training?

how to safely and effectively teach yoga to people aged 65+
gain knowledge and understanding on various health conditions found in the senior population
precautions, contraindications and modifications related to various health conditions
Yoga practices to help improve function and enhance balance
Practical strategies for adapting yoga practice to older bodies, minds and spirits
How to design ‘Yoga for Seniors’ classes
how to use Pranayama (breath work) safely and effectively with the senior population
how to use Laughter Meditation with the senior population
how to use Partner Yoga with the senior population - when, why & how
how to use chairs and the wall in seniors yoga classes
how to use Visualization and Meditation in seniors yoga classes
how to create Release/Health forms for seniors yoga classes
how to effectively Communicate with the senior population
how to safely move from sitting to standing/moving and from the floor to standing


Jean's original YTT was with Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training in 2001 and since this time has studied with various internationally known teachers focusing on Seniors, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for those with Chronic Pain, Restorative Yoga, in addition to Pregnancy and post-partum yoga and Yoga for Children.
Jean is a wealth of knowledge and enjoys sharing her techniques and skills so that more seniors and people looking for a Gentle Path can benefit.