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~ A blog post by Kelsey Power


I first stepped into Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio on a whim.

I’d been searching for a place to engage on a rather deep level with my practice. I wanted to gain an understanding of yoga, which would dispel the many questions I had about what it was I was doing when I stepped onto a mat.

I knew I enjoyed the experience. I had been practicing yoga off and on for a few years – sometimes more regularly than others; by associations or exchanges with studios I attended nearly everyday, or sporadically alone – often in the wilderness.  I just didn’t know specifically what it was I was doing when I engaged in this activity. This bothered me.

I knew it felt good to conscientiously breathe, and stretch my limbs – to work up a beaded sweat on my brow and heat throughout my body. I believe I benefitted from practicing its pretzel poses, from the stillness intermixed by intentional movements all while I attempted to quiet my mind. However, my many questions kept me searching for a studio to engage with a study of this ancient practice.

Not knowing the purposeful structure of classes, movement specificity, and the inclusion of Sanskrit terminology in general, impacted my ability to understand and engage. Despite my overall enthusiasm for yoga, my naiveté left my practice feeling halfhearted. As is my nature with most things, I wanted to understand fully what it is I was doing and what it was I was attempting to do. This knowledge seemed surmountable. I just had to find my ashram.

Over time, Halifax’s winds brought word of Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio to me. It mentioned engaging and challenging classes, differing day-by-day and class-to-class. It told of passionate, persistent and patient instructors with a wide knowledge of anatomy due to their varying backgrounds and interests apart from this area, which cemented the assurance I would be corrected if performing anything improperly. It was suggested Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio practiced in the manner its name suggested as part of the Health and Wellness Centre on Quinpool Road.

One day in December 2015, when I was biking by, I noticed a large roadside sign advertising a sale for a month of unlimited classes starting in the New Year. I stopped in to find out more information, considering signing up. The studio turned out to be hosting a celebration and I ended up speaking with several insightful instructors, including co-owner Maxine Jeffrey, and many thankful practitioners. It became apparent this studio also included devout and appreciative community. I wanted to become a member.

Following through, I spent this first month of 2016 undergoing yogic transformation. It had turned out the rumors were true! I began learning more of what I wished, though still only obtaining a mere introduction to this art form. The positive aspects of practicing again appeared throughout my life. Even though I eventually did depart from this studio when life took me elsewhere, a reinvigorated personal practice was maintained.

Up until suffering minor ailments from a car accident.

It wasn’t until I had healed enough from this incident, which took place last summer, that I wanted to start back with this particular studio and its wonderful staff. After several months lacking my usual abilities I was ready to reassume my strength. I knew I would find what I was searching for in this regard from practicing in this space, if I was willing to put in the work. I wanted to do so at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, because after my introduction the year before, I knew instructors here to take extra care and showcase true empathy and concern for their students. I wanted to prevent further harm from occurring as a result of my optimistic efforts.

Turning back to yoga was beneficial for my body and mind overall. It has increased my physical strength, yes, but it has also invigorated my mental, emotional, and spiritual sides as well. I feel I am working towards creating the best version of myself as I continue my yoga practice and engagement with its philosophy.  I can feel the momentum flow into all aspects of my life.

Though I am still new to this discipline, my further engagement entailing positive, though challenging, experiences has led me to believe I am right to reintegrate and fully commit to regular practice. I am of the belief my life path involves continuing to practice on my mat and to try to maintain mindfulness throughout my day. Thank you Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio – staff and students – for sharing with me in so many ways.


Kelsey Power