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108 Days of Yoga - Day 97

Bead 97. April 7th, 2013

I had the great fortune of taking yoga during YTT 500 again and got a good well rounded yoga practice with a satisfying side crow as the peak pose. That is one of the threads throughout this 108 days that has remained consistent. It has come up in my personal practice and then, when I would forget about it, it would show up in classes all the way through. In the future, when I look back one of the things that will stick out in my mind is my own journey with side crow pose.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 96

Bead 96. April 6th, 2013

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 95

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Clone of 108 Days of Yoga - Day 92-94

Bead 92-94. April 2-4, 2013

Its been a busy week and I am getting behind on my blogging. Tuesday I needed a lot of meditation so I sat in the morning and evening. Wednesday I sat and did community service in the evening. Today, Thursday I went to Tomomi's power basics class and experienced and nice slow mindful power class that created a simmering heat to the point where I had fine mist of perspiration. What a great practice. Now I am thoroughly tired and will sleep well. Namaste, Mike


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108 Days of Yoga - Day 91

Bead 91. April 1st, 2013

Meditation this morning was very contemplative. I was noticing the patterns of karma. Yoga this afternoon was Kripalu style, following my bodies innate wisdom, moving in meditation. I started going into backbends before standing poses and later did a lot of unwinding lying twists before going into savasana in reclined butterfly. I feel good. Namaste, Mike.


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108 Days of Yoga - Day 90

Bead 90. March 31st, 2013

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108 Days of Yoga - Days 86 - 89

Beads 86-89. March 27-30th, 2013

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 85

Bead 85. March 26th, 2013

I was rushing to yoga class today and I was also expecting a fairly gentle hatha basics class to help me relax. That is was I remember getting going to most Tuesday 12:15 classes with Maxine. Guess what: the theme was core. We worked mindfully and skillfully through standing poses and back strenghteners to find ourselves in a series of good hard core poses. One student commented that we should be able to crack walnuts with our abs after todays class. I'll have to give that a try. I did get my relaxation ... during the last five minutes of class.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 84

Bead 84. March 25th, 2013.

I had a fun time in Leanne's 11:00 class today. I was able to get into a variation of side crow twist or eka pada koundinyasana, that I have not experienced before. I think I have attempted this pose on several occaisons in the past. Its a side crow twist where you straighten your legs.

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108 Days of Yoga - Days 81 to 83

Bead 81-83. March 22-24, 2013

Giving pranassage on Friday was like a yoga practice. Restorative yoga afterwards. In legs up the wall I felt an interesting release. I didn't realize was holding a lot of tension and when I let go it felt like a thump.

Saturday was a professional development day for Physiotherapy yet I was able to get away for the lunch break to practice and share meditation with Dana Carruthers and others participating in a Life Coaching conference.