New to Yoga

**Due to Covid-19 we offer online classes as well as in-person classes! For more information write us or call us: 


Phone 902 429 3303 Monday to Friday 1:00-4:00pm & Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:00am-12:00pm

or following the links on our website: registration page here

First class at the studio is currently on sale for $7.50 plus HST. Visit our specials page to get this introductory rate (click here)


Yoga is beneficial in so many ways. In general it is a mindful approach to exercise; breath coordinated with movement. This mindful exercise provides stretching and strengthening to all parts of our bodies. The nice thing about TAYS style of yoga is that it is available to all levels of ability. We have a Gentle class that is slower paced and offers beginner level poses. A Hatha Basics class is a mindful, not-so-speedy approach to movement. We focus more on details and alignment and, at times, individuals need certain modifications or props to make these poses available to them. We also have Power classes or Hatha Vinyasa classes that are more in addition to strengthening and stretching you get a cardiovascular workout ( i.e., working your heart and your lungs).

It is best to come 2-3 times per week to start seeing benefits but if you can only come once in awhile that is helpful too. Just try to continue your practice at home to further your benefit. We invite students to work within their own level of challenge in all of our classes, however some classes are paced at a more challenging level than others. Finding the right fit will allow your yoga journey to be successful.



General beginner level classes:

If you are recovering from an injury, or would like to ease into exercise a Gentle class or a Yin class may be a great approach. Gentle classes are taught by some of senior teachers with backgrounds in physiotherapy (Mike Munro), Kinesiology and Osteopathy (Maxine Jeffrey), and Nursing (Maureen Nowlan). These classes are slower paced and more individualized to each person's needs. 

Generally healthy individuals might like to begin with a "basics" class. These classes offer more instruction and often dissect and address the movements, sequences and poses explored at TAYS.

When you want more challenge then the vinyasa classes are more flowing types of classes that work our heart and lungs with more movement in and out of poses.


Hatha Basics

This is a beginner level class with emphasis on coordination of breath and movement, and also on safety and alignment.

It is slower paced with less flow and easier transitions. Our teachers can suggest modifications or props when necessary allowing everyone to obtain benefit and discover a joyful practice. This class is a great place to start practicing, especially if you are new to yoga or enjoy learning the details of the poses.

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