Workplace Classes

If you find it difficult to fit yoga into your schedule, let us bring yoga to you!

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Corporate yoga

Do you and your co-workers need a weekly yoga class?

Allow us to come to your workplace during your lunch hour and offer your group healthy yoga classes. Our classes will help you to:

  • be more productive at work
  • be healthier
  • lessen stress
  • enjoy your job

Yoga has been proven to:

  • reduce headaches, hypertension, depression, joint and muscle injuries
  • enhance memory and focus
  • improve immune system
  • improve posture
  • provide immediate stress reduction

What do you need to start?

  • a group of individuals interested in healthy exercise
  • an open space to move and breathe and do yoga together
  • a commitment of 1-8 weeks
  • call 902-429-3303 or email to help you get started