What Is So Great About Yoga? Top 10 Reasons Why.

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As our studio is reaching it's 16th year in existance I was thinking about what we are doing as a studio and as a community. My perspective on yoga comes from my personal experience as a yogi and buddhist meditator, and also from my experience as a physiotherapist. It is from the perspective as a therapist that I came up with a question. What is so great about yoga anyways? Why are we still doing this? People and yoga styles come and go, but yoga keeps on giving. The following list is what came to me quite automatically without having the think too much about it. There's nothing new here yet sometimes its good to look back and reflect on the basic reason for what you are doing, no matter how unoriginal it might seem.

1. Yoga can be done anywhere. You can practice asana at any time. It is just a matter of noticing your posture, taking a deep breath and looking at your mind.

2. It can be adapted to anyone. The only pre-requisite for yoga is that you are still breathing and you have a heart beat. The practices are so broad and adaptable that there is always a way to practice.

3. Yoga looks at the person as an integrated whole of body, spirit and mind. Western medicine tends to look at the person as a collection of separate parts that don't have to relate. The yoga model looks at the body, enegy, thoughts, consciosness and spirit as all inter-connected.

4. Yoga can be done at any time, even while you are sleeping. If you think you don't have time, look out. You can even practice dream yoga. See #1.

5. Yoga is a form of medicine. Yoga can act as a healing remedy for any of the layers of being when you are injured or emotionally strained. I generally brings balance as long as it is practiced skilfully.

6. Yoga is open to people from all walks of life regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, nationality and monetary status.

7. Yoga is puts you right on the spot with who and what you are in any moment, it guides you home to look for your inner resources. It puts you in touch with the truth within rather that relying on external sources of reliance and happiness.

8. Yoga can be practiced alone, with another person, in a group or as part of a community. It can connect you with yourself and others.

9. You don't need equipment. The main equipment is your own body and mind, mats etc are not even necessary.

10. Yoga is patient. If you leave it, it is always there waiting for you when you are ready to come back.

So I am interested to know what other people would say. What are your top ten or top five? You can post them on our facebook page as a way to help us celebrate. Happy 16th Birthday TAYS.