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Welcome to Body and Being! This blog is about sharing my experience with applying my knowledge of physiotherapy, yoga, and mindfulness to the condition of being in a body, in other words, to life in general. Here you will find thoughts and articles on various issues to do with health, wellness, science and human experience. I hope you enjoy!

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 10

Bead 10. Jan 10th, 2013

Today I went to a noon hour yoga class led by Maxine Munro which focused on strengthening. I was nice to move slowly and mindfully and be held in poses that make you shake and sweat. Relaxation was devine. I felt invigorated afterwards. After having a day of less phyisical practice yesterday the contrast helped me appreciate the asana practice more, as well as other things.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 9

Bead 9. Jan 9th, 2013.

Today I walked by a yoga mat in the living room and felt drawn to do some yoga. For about 10 mintues I did some seated poses, standing poses and forward bends in the morning. This wasn't planned it just happened naturally.

Formally speaking I was involved in two volunteer projects today for not-for-profit organizations, so this is the first day where my formal practice involved community service. It feels good to honor my efforts this way and view them as a form of karma yoga practice.


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108 Days of Yoga - Day 8

Bead 8. Jan 8th, 2013

Today I sat in meditation this morning for 15 minutes while my daughter was taking a bath. She was up early and I had time. Sometimes, when my kids are home, I am so busy making lunches and breakfast and getting ready for the day that sitting doesn't happen. So this morning was nice and managable because of the eary start and coordination of things.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 7

Bead 7. Jan 7th, 2013

It was easy to decide what my practice would be today: asana. What I noticed about going to class today was that my focus was more clear. I was clear that I was counting a bead on a mala by doing the practice and it had a quality of one-pointedness, and sacredness. I was practicing with more intention.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 6

Bead 6. Jan 6th, 2013

Today I chose the sitting practice of meditation in its more simple and direct form called shamatha meditation. For this entry I will simply refer to another blog. For instruction in shamatha meditation you can read this article.


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108 Days of Yoga - Day 5

Bead 5. Jan 5th 2013


Today my living room was very cold. I had gotten home after being away all day and had one hour to do yoga. I felt the resistance to practice given the conditions. I quickly pulled the electric heater out and cranked up the heat, turned on an inspiring playlist and started with sun salutaions. Then I practiced in a Kripalu style flowing from pose to pose following the breath and my body's intuitive wisdom.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 4

Bead 4, Jan 4th, 2013

Today I went to a yoga class with Maxine Munro at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio and practiced next to my great friend Kelly McGrath who was visiting from Montreal. Kelly is the yoga teacher I was telling Brian about who studies with Donna Farhi. Kelly co-owns United Yoga in Montreal and I am always telling people to go study with her there if I hear they are going to be in town. Always a pleasure to practice yoga next to a friend.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 3

Bead 3. Jan 3rd, 2013

This evening I was tired after teaching yoga massage to a group of advanced teachers in training. I had the great honor of reciveing an lot of yoga massage and also giving and instructing it. By the time I got home I felt I had done enough physical yoga and decided to study.

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 2

Bead 2. Jan 2nd, 2013

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108 Days of Yoga - Day 1

Bead 1. Jan 1,2013

Today I arrived at my meditation shrine to find that the candles needed to be changed and the cover was littered with burnt incense and wax pieces. So I had the pleasure cleaning the shrine and burning brand new candles during my seated meditation today. Before sitting I contemplated my intention so see how my mind works around hope and fear more clearly. I also felt the precision of knowing that today I was going to practice, rather than thinking "I can do that tomorrow".

First day without coffee - mild headache.