Online Class Registration - Atlantic TIME ZONE

All online classes are available on Zoom.


3 Steps to Sign Up!!

1. Purchase classes       2. Register for the class       3. Login to Zoom Classroom


1. Purchase. If you already have classes go to step 2.

Click here to buy online classes.


2. Register. 

Sign in to the TAYS class via the sign up buttons here, or with the Mind Body Online app as you usually would. If you have the web access or phone app you may already know how to do this. (Phone apps are available here).

If you need help with registration or have technical issues please e-mail or call the office 1-4pm daily weekdays Monday to Friday; or Tuesday or Thursday mornings 9am-12pm at 902-429-3303.


3. After you register for the class online go to the Zoom Classroom here to login. This login is not that same as your mind body login and is emailed to Zoom online users. If you do not get it please email: to have Zoom Classroom login sent to you.