ZOOM Online Class Registration - Atlantic TIME ZONE

3 Steps to Sign Up!! 1. Purchase classes. 2. Register 3. Enter the classroom where the class links are located



1. Purchase. 

Click here to buy online classes, or use your account to purchase ZOOM classes. If you are attending for free you also must register via email address provided step 2.


2. Register. 

Sign in to the TAYS class via the sign up buttons here, or with the Mind Body Online app as you usually would. If you have the web access or phone app you may already know how to do this. (Phone apps are available here).

If you need help with registration or have technical issues please e-mail online@yogastudio.ns.ca (link sends e-mail) or call the office 1-3pm daily weekdays Monday to Thursday at 902-429-3303.


3. Enter the classroom here with the weekly login password: ZOOM Classroom

The zoom classroom is a password protected page with the schedule and all the links you need to attend. All students who have purchased zoom classes will be emailed the username and password. This is a separate username and password from your mind body account. If you have not received your username and password for the classroom please email us at online@yogastudio.ns.ca  and we will confirm your account and email you the login informaion.


ZOOM Classroom click here.