COVID-19 - Updated January 2021

Please note that Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio and Health Centre follows Nova Scotia Health Directives with regards to COVID-19.

Dear Patrons,

We deeply appreciate your support and interest in our services, and we are grateful you choose our place or business to meet your individual needs.

To ensure safety for all during the pandemic, please follow the following protocols when attending the health centre:

- Self screen for COVID-19 symptoms: a new government self assessment tool is available here.

- When attending the health centre please wear a mask or face covering over your nose and mouth.

- Yoga classes are available online only for the next two weeks (or more).

Online class informaion is available here.

Socially distancing, wearing a face covering and contact tracing are key interventions with regards to the pandemic. We appreciate your understanding and support when attending the health centre. Your pracitioner may be providing virtual appointments, please contact the office if you have questions about your appointment.

Phone 902-429-3303.


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