Getting Started

Just Try It!

Our yoga classes are fun, energizing, intelligent and available to you. You will love our teachers, although all different, teach with the same underlying TAYS yoga principles. You are about to understand why yoga is so popular. When you find the right style and the right yoga, your body and mind will crave the practice.

beginner yoga classes

Yoga benefits everyone. If you are stressed from work, need to get in shape, are an athlete looking for that "edge" or just looking for a healthy mind-body exercise... our yoga is for you.

All of our classes are available to students at all levels BUT depending on what you are looking for you could be a bit more selective. If you would like to ease in, a great place to start would be in a "basics" class. These classes will slow down the pace and offer more detailed instruction. If you want a workout, look for our "vinyasa" classes. If you have had an injury or are a bit timid to start yoga, begin with "gentle" classes.

For first timers, you can pay a single fee of $12 tax inc. Once you try it for the first time then you have choices of paying for an introductory month or a number of classes at a reduced rate. See our specials page here for details on our introductory offers. We can help you find the right solution for your budget and schedule.

**Due to Covid-19 we are offering online classes and in-person classes. For more information write us or call us or follow the following links for information: 


Phone 902 429 3303 Monday to Thursday afternoons: 1:00-4:00pm & Tuesday and Thursday mornings: 9:00am-12:00pm

or go directly to the schedule page here.