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yoga mats for sale halifax standard matStudio Mats $33 tax included

A great starter-mat. Inexpensive, cushiony and should last you a few years. 



dusky leaf yoga mat good yoga mat non-slipDusky Leaf - Eco Yoga Mat $38 tax included

An Eco-friendly yoga mat that is as easy on your pocketbook as it is on the environment. These great non-slip mats are a step-up from the Studio mat, being better quality and wear-ability. A little thinner than a standard Studio mat, but more durable.


Dusky Leaf - Deluxe Eco Yoga Mat $45 tax included

An Eco-friendly yoga mat made by Dusky Leaf. This Dusky Leaf yoga mat is a deluxe eco-friendly yoga mat offering excellent support and traction for your yoga practice.




jade harmony mat excellent yoga mat non-slipThe B MAT® Everyday $95 tax included

The B MAT® Everyday offers superior grip, cushioning, with a lightweight construction, allowing you to use it day in and day out for any type of practice you fancy from hot to hatha.





jade harmony mat excellent yoga mat non-slipThe new Jade Mat by Harmony™ $115 tax included

The world's best eco-friendly yoga mats. Our premium, non-slip, natural rubber
yoga and exercise mats provide the highest level of performance.
A variety of colors available.



the black mat good quality yoga mat yoga propsThe Black Mat, not Manduka. $100 tax in

A thicker, durable mat with a great non-slip surface.


excellent non-slip mat professional yoga mat manduka mat halifaxThe Manduka (c) PRO Mat $155 tax included

A high-performance yoga mat. This best-selling, thick yoga mat is luxuriously dense for unparalleled comfort and cushioning.




manduka mat for sale halifax excellent non-slip matThe Manduka (c) eKO Lite Mat 68"  (4mm)  $109 tax included

The eKO mat is new and improved and now offers an unparalleled grip to perform in even the sweatiest of conditions. The eco-friendly mat is made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber. Lightweight and thinner than the eKO mat, this makes a great travel mat.




The Manduka (c) PRO Lite Mat  $135 tax in

The PROlite is the perfect solution for people seeking a lightweight yoga mat with superior quality and comfort. The PROlite is a lighter, zero-waste yoga mat -- for in the studio, and on the go.



yogi toes yogitoes skidless yoga towel Yogitoes Skidless®Towels: Regular: $58.26+tax ($67 tax in); BIG: $64.35+tax ($74 tax in)

Yogitoes Skidless® is a super-absorbent microfiber towel with “dots that grip so you don’t slip.” They come in regular size and BIG depending on whether your mat is a standard size or if you use a Black Mat.



Blocks and Foams

yoga block soft yoga block foam yoga blockFoam Yoga Blocks purple/blue $17 tax in




cork or wooden yoga block yoga propsWood or Cork Yoga Blocks $26 tax included




yoga foams for sitting meditation supportChip Foams (green) $15.00 tax included





Belts and totes

yoga belt yoga strap yoga tieBelts - 8 foot length 19 tax included




yoga tote yoga mat carrying case yoga mat bagYoga Tote  $19 tax included




yoga tote yoga mat carrying case yoga mat bagYoga Mat Carry Strap  $17 tax included





Home DVD's



maxine munro maxine jeffrey yoga cd's yoga at homeDVD's $22.61+tax ($26 tax in) - TAYS yoga DVD: Maxine Jeffrey, Dynamic Hatha Vinyasa Flow




Meditation and Relaxation Cushions


 yoga bolster relaxation yoga supportRectangular Bolster $80 tax included