Restorative yoga

Our yoga teachers base their teaching style of yoga from Interdisciplinary, Baptiste, Anusara and Iyengar yoga and additionally draw from their own backgrounds. The "Hatha" classes have more focus on details and alignment. Classes become more physically challenging at the "Hatha vinyasa" level. Vinyasa is a faster-paced breath-linked yoga. There are no pauses in between poses (though there may be long holds). Similar poses are done in the different levels, however often at a different pace, level and depth. Don't forget to listen to your own body and do what feels like the right variation to you.

Many styles and levels:
Ease into yoga in a "Gentle" way ... instead of a "yang" flowing practice slow things down for a "Yin" practice ... or de-stress and rest in a Yoga Nidra class ... we can help you find yoga during pregnancy or after having your baby ... plus, classes can be for you and eventually can be for your children as they grow up!

We encourage people to stay at their own pace and level of challenge. With our expert instruction, you are able to discover the vitality and health that yoga brings. 

 “Practice yoga in a way that makes you want to do it again.” – Mike



Chair Yoga

Stretching and strengthening your body with this 60-minute chair flow. Perfect for all levels and abilities, chair yoga is a great way to relax from head to toe without the stress of getting up and down off the floor. This class works well to relieve tension, open the hips, create mobility in the neck and shoulders, find length in the spine, improve balance and strengthen muscle tone. 



Gentle Yoga

gentle yoga class seniors yogaGentle Yoga classes ensure that your yoga experience is a good one. This level of yoga would be of particular interest to those with arthritis, bio-mechanical back pain, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Since some individuals need to approach yoga in a more gentle "therapeutic" way we offer these gentler approaches to yoga so that the postures are modified or adapted to various bodies. We have a number of gentle classes on our schedule. These classes are taught by Maureen (retired nurse) and Maxine (occupational therapist/kinesiologist/osteopathic studies, thesis candidate).




Hatha Basics

This is a beginner level class with emphasis on coordination of breath and movement, and also on safety and alignment. It is slower paced offering less flow and easier transitions. Our teachers can offer modifications or props when necessary to avoid stress with certain poses, allowing everyone to obtain benefit and experience a joyful practice. This class is a great place to start practicing, especially if you are new to yoga or enjoy learning the details of the poses.






Hatha Vinyasa / All Levels Flow

hatha yoga halifax

This is a more challenging class that still may offer details and props when necessary. There is more flow or "vinyasa" in the class than with a Hatha Basics class. This flowing component will increase the heat in the body and start to challenge the heart and the lungs in addition to the muscles and tissues. This "Ha" part of the class prepares us for the latter half of long holds that are more meditative while we work on stretching deep connective tissues (the "tha" part). Please check our schedule for the most convenient times for you. These Hatha Vinyasa classes are open to all levels but some experience would be helpful. Our teachers are skillful at building the energy while still allowing all students to find a variation that works for them. Experience in yoga is helpful.



Seth Daley is offering early morning Mysore classes at TAYS. Classes are weekdays 5:45-8:00 am. The 12-week sessions of Mysore classes are available for $300 tax in, with other passes available for shorter commitments.

Named after the city in India where Ashtanga yoga first rose to worldwide popularity the Mysore style has come to denote a method of teaching where the students and teacher work one-on-one rather than in a large fitness-style group setting. While this limits the number of students that can be accommodated each morning, Seth believes that it is an ideal method for learning and developing the practice of yoga. Students arrive at various points during each weekday morning and stay as long as they have time/energy for. With this kind of flexibility, the teacher can help shape each day's practice to fit the energy level of the student and keep things both challenging and not overwhelming. Seth has been teaching the only daily Mysore practice in the Maritimes for more than 11 years and is looking forward to the next decade. Please register through Seth. Any questions? or by phone at (902) 456-7564

Pregnancy Yoga 

pregnancy yoga yoga for pregnant women womens health

Pregnancy yoga classes focus on preparing the body for labor and delivery. Postures open the pelvic parameters, strengthen the legs and improve posture, breath capacity, and awareness. Many moms return after having their baby informing us how helpful our pregnancy classes were in preparing them and guiding them through the delivery of their baby.  Pregnancy yoga takes place Saturdays at 11:00 am. Please join us during any stage of your pregnancy.








Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga uses props to fully support the body so that each posture may be passively received rather than actively sought. Unlike other forms of exercise or other styles of yoga, restorative poses require little to no effort. The practice is in the ‘non-effort’ supporting the on-off switch from ‘fight or flight’ response of our full lives into ‘relaxation response’.




Yin Yang Yoga

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This class will begin with Hatha Vinyasa followed by Yin Yoga. Hatha Vinyasa is more movement-based, flow or "vinyasa" than a Hatha Basics class. The “Ha” part of the class prepares us for the latter half of long holds that are more meditative while we work on stretching deep connective tissues (the "tha" part). Yin Yoga postures are held for longer periods of time (passively for 3-5 minutes) and are often supported with props to allow a deeper release. It is because of these long holds that the deeper structures of the body are opened, stretched and awakened. Come and discover a blend of these styles of yoga.




Yoga Pilates Fusion

yin yoga helen halifax

A blend of Hatha Yoga and Stott Pilates

TMusing principles of both disciplines, a yoga mat and your body. Each class will include centering and/or opening meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), an initialwarmup, physical postures (asanas) and pilates mat-based exercises, a core component, a cooldown andfinal relaxation. The purpose of the class is to learn the 5 basic principles of Stott PilatesTMand infusethem with hatha yoga postures and the essential level pilates exercises; thereby promoting core strengthand joint stabilization, injury prevention, improved posture and body awareness and mindful movement.You will discover similarities in the movement patterns and exercises of both yoga and pilates, developgreater breath awareness and breathing skills, improve balance and coordination, and develop long, lean muscles; all while relieving stress from your body.



greater breath awareness and breathing skills, improve balance and coordination, and develop long, lean
muscles; all while relieving stress from your body.