We have different options for purchasing classes:

10% off regular rates: full-time students, members of P.O.M.B.A. & individuals needing financial assistance.

1. Pay for a single class

For new students to our space: "First time ever" class is $10.43 (+tax $12). Single class $14.78 (+tax$17).

Full-time students: $13.04 (+tax $15).

2. Buy chits or tickets

Chits can be used at any of our classes on a first come first served basis. These are perfect for yoga students with a variable schedule, or for those who travel with their work. 5 and 10 ticket chits expire 6 months from the date of purchase, 15 and 20 ticket chits expire 8 months from date of purchase. (Please let us know if you need an extension based on medical or personal reasons.) There are no refunds on chits.

Chits Regular

10% student discount (with I.D.)


(workshops for kids)

20 $234.78 (+tax$270) $211.30 (+tax $243)  
15 $195.65 (+tax$225) $176.09 (+tax $202.50)  
10 $134.78 (+tax$155) $121.30 (+tax $139.50)  
5 $69.57 (+tax$80) $62.61 (+tax $72.00)


1 $14.78 (+tax$17) $13.04 (+tax $15) first child $8.70(+tax $10), $4.35(+tax $5) additional

3. Buy an unlimited pass

You can come as often as you like to any of our yoga, meditation or Zumba classes. The pass is valid for one month from date of purchase. Please know that monthly post-dated cheques are the only method for paying monthly unlimited passes. 

Monthly, Yearly and Summer Unlimited Passes
Unlimited. One month - Regular
$115 (+tax $132.25)
Unlimited. One month - Full-time student
$103.50 (+tax $119.03)

Unlimited. Three month contract.

Unlimited. One year contract.


Unlimited - "Brand new to TAYS"


$300.00 plus tax

$1000.00 (+tax $1150)/year (1 time pay) or $100.00 (+tax $115/month (*postdated cheques)

$50 (+tax) /month

Summer U/L-Regular (valid for 30 consecutive days between July 1 - August 31


$85 (+tax) /month




OR ALL summer (valid for 60 consecutive days between July 1 - August 31)


$150 (+tax) /July and August



4. Private classes or small group classes

Offered by one of our senior teachers: $95/hour (+tax $109.25)

For online payments click here.

For online payments, you will be required to create an account and then you can either purchase from the "online store tab" at the top right of the online scheduler or select a class from the schedule and click "sign up" next to the class listing. If you would like to purchase an automatic renewal card (10% off your yoga class purchases) then select "contracts" in our online store and click "cc (key/stored)" button so that we can retain your credit card information.


Refund Policy


Policies regarding chits:

There are no refunds on chits purchased. A time-extension can be provided on your chits with your request.

We do allow you to give your pre-purchased chits to another individual as a gift, at no additional cost. This request must be provided, in writing, from the original chit owner. A refund will be considered on remaining chits. A medical note is required. A 20% fee will be charged. 


Policies regarding monthly unlimited registration:

There are no refunds on monthly unlimited registrations.

If you are medically unable to use your monthly unlimited pass we can extend the expiry date as needed. This request must accompany a medical note. This request must be made prior to the current expiration date. Only the time remaining from the initial date of this request will be honored.

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