500 Hour Advanced Level YTT

This advanced program is designed to provide in-depth training for professional level Hatha Vinyasa yoga teachers. After completing your foundation 200-hour training, you are eligible to continue with this 300-hour program of courses to complete a 500-hour certification, which meets the requirements of Yoga Alliance.



CURRICULUM - Choose from Schedule of Courses and Registration (Below) For 2020 - 2021. Future courses beyond Fall 2021 TBA Spring 2021.

A. A combination of in-person and online courses need to total 280 Hours to complete:

Online courses are a combination of pre-recorded and live sessions via Zoom conferencing. Pre-recorded material will be available 2 - 3 weeks prior to the final live online session.

1. 8 Limbs of Yoga (15 Hours) July 24, 25, 26th 2020. Online and In-person options.

2. Ayurveda for Yoga Practitioners with Prashant Patel. (10 hours) Live online sessions. August 21 - 23, 2020.

3. Paid To Play: The Business of Yoga with Helen Fong. (2 hours) Sept 6th 2 - 4 online.

4. Laughter Yoga. Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Helen Fong. (10 hours) 5 x 2 hour online sessions. Oct 2020.

5. Grounding: Yoga Teacher Skillbuilding for New and Experienced Yoga Teachers (15 hours) Online and In-person options. Oct 9 - 11, 2020.

6. Teaching Safe Backbends and Inversions (15 hours) Online and In-person Nov 2020.

7. Advanced Yoga Philosophy with Prashant Patel (15 hours) Live online sessions Dec 2020.

8. Teaching Safe Forward Bends and Twists (15 hours) In person and online Jan 22, 23, 24, 2021.

9. Meditation Teacher Training with Helen Fong Part 1 of 2 (15 hours ) February 2021.

10. Advanced Yoga Anatomy for Yoga Teachers (15 hours) Online. March 2021.

11. The Yoga of Communication (15 hours) TBA. Online. Tentatively April 2021.

12. Pregnancy and Post Partum Yoga Teacher Training Certification (15 hours) Online recordings. Live final session May 21st, 2021.

13. Seniors Yoga Teacher Training with Jean Short. (12 hours) In-person. No online option. June 4th and 5th, 2021

14. Restore/Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification (15 hours) Online recordings. Live final session June 13th, 2021.


50 Hours of Options/Electives Can Also Apply:

50 hours of options/electives could include: Workshops or Yoga Teacher Training programs with TAYS 500 hour level trained yoga teachers (Andrea Andriopoulos, Abra Morrison, Mike Munro, Maxine Jeffrey, Jean Short), such as Yoga Birth, Yoga Teacher training for Seniors, etc. You can repeat workshops from 500-hour, repeat hours from 200-hour, etc. Workshops with visiting teachers may also apply. Please watch our online calendar of workshops for additional optional courses throughout the year. Note 30 hours of options can be from other non-TAYS yoga teacher training programs based on approval by the directors of TAYS YTT 500.

B. Plus the following 20 Hours:

13. 10 hours additional electives. Yoga classes, or extra workshops in the community.

14. 10 Hours practicum/practice teaching.

Total 300 Hours

Hello to all of our 500 hour yoga teacher training students!

We have updated our website with some new courses and requirements to
obtain a TAYS Advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.
There are currently 14 courses listed above.
These courses allow a total of 184 potential hours. These courses are all not required, however, would give you a great
understanding in various aspects of yoga teaching, philosophy, and would build yoga skills for various populations.
The next section suggests 50 hours of options or electives. These electives can be taken from various TAYS trained teachers: Andrea Andriopoulos, 
Abra Morrison, Mike Munro, Maxine Jeffrey, Jean Short, Helen Fong, Jolene d’Entremont, and Leslie Bishop.
The additional 26 hours can be from previous YTT 500 hour courses through TAYS or upcoming future courses that have not been posted yet.
The last 20 hours of the advanced training can include 10 hours of additional electives and 10 hours of practice teaching.
New courses will be added each year so you are able to pick and choose, somewhat, in terms of what you would like to take.
Keep checking our website for new offerings or register for our YTT 500 with Abra with the attached application to "be in the know".
You will be informed about upcoming courses and you could make requests for various topics of interest too!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the next YTT course or sooner!



All of the above courses in combination with your 200-hour training equals 500 hours of training. Please note: Courses are dependent upon registration numbers and are subject to date change two weeks before the course date. If you are planning on attending certain courses please inform us in a timely manner.

FAQ: I have taken an advanced YTT course at another institution / studio...can I use these hours towards the 500-hour level training at TAYS?

Answer: All the courses indicated on TAYS' website are required courses to graduate from TAYS' 500-hour program. There are optional hours that can be achieved from non-TAYS YTT's. Up to 30 hours from the options category can be applied from other courses outside TAYS based on approval from the YTT director (Abra Morrison abramorrison@gmail.com).

Register for Available Courses Online Here (link to schedule page)